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At Consumer’s Lighting, we’re your trusted partners in lighting design, innovation, and supply. Illuminate your residential haven, commercial workspace, healthcare facility, or retail space with us—we’ve got your illumination needs covered.


Designer: Naomi Weinstein

We encompass everything from ambient and accent lighting to landscape and outdoor illumination.

Accurate Builders | HH Designers

Enhance the ambiance, functionality, and energy-efficiency of your residential spaces.

Designer: Aliza Soko | Susan Strauss

Transform your retail space into a more inviting, efficient, and sustainable environment.

Designer: White Edge Design Group

We specialize in crafting lighting solutions that cater to the unique needs of commercial spaces, enhancing their functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

Designer: Anue Desgin Team

The right lighting can make a significant difference in healthcare settings, enhancing patient comfort, aiding medical professionals, and creating a calming atmosphere.

Whether you're a designer, contractor, developer, or homeowner, Consumer's Lighting is your one-stop destination for all things lighting.

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