Retail Projects

At Consumer’s Lighting, we are committed to delivering top-notch lighting solutions for retail spaces. With a focus on enhancing functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency, our team of experts is your go-to partner for comprehensive commercial lighting solutions. Discover why choosing Consumer’s Lighting is the best decision you can make for your retail lighting needs.

Bizi Baby Boutique

Interior Designer: Aliza Soko | Susan Strauss

Evergreen Supermarket

Lighting Design: Consumer’s Lighting

Tabernacle Steakhouse

Interior Designer: DIG Design Group

Seared Steakhouse

Interior Designer: Aliza Soko | Susan Strauss

Focus Camera

Interior Designer: Margalit Lankry

Avery and Jays

Interior Designer: Aliza Soko | Susan Strauss 

The Celler

Interior Designer: RDL Design Group

Polkadot Boutique

Interior Designer: CMR Designs